The Jumper

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with jumpers. Don’t you find that they look completely different on the hanger to how they fit you? Should you go up a size or two to get that perfect slouchy fit? Should you go for a tighter knit to get that more sophisticated look? What a minefield. For a long time, I thought that the jumper I was searching for was a myth. Until now.

Let me set the scene for you. It’s a cold and rainy Friday. The hours are dragging. My chum suggests a short shopping trip on our way home from work as a way to cheer us both up. How can I refuse such an invitation.

Fast forward to that evening. I’m surrounded by gorgeous clothes created for women with no curves and large pay checks. I couldn’t afford this stuff even if I could fit into it. As you can imagine, I’m losing the will to live.

And then I see him. On a rack all of his own. I hold my breath – I’ve been disappointed before. I make my way across the shop. He’s just as beautiful close up. I opt for a S (all bum and no boobs) and slip him over my head right there in the middle of the shop floor.

It’s like a hug from a dear old friend.

In the mirror too – it looks… dare I say it… good. Slouchy yet smart. Cozy yet chic. Sophisticated yet chill. I don’t care what it costs; I have to have it.

Now isn’t that just poetry. *Sigh*

Untitled #1

The Knit Sweater from & Other Stories is a slightly juicy £35 but trust me when I say it’s worth every last penny.

This is my current favourite styling option. Throw on some hoops and a dark lip and it’s smart enough for work. Pop your hair in a bun and add a chunky scarf for the perfect weekend outfit. It’s incredibly versatile and trust me when I say it makes you feel a hundred dollars.

And the best part – it comes in plenty of colours…


(Images from Polyvore and & Other Stories)


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