Self-care Sunday

You know those weeks where you see that same person everywhere. You know, your mum mentions them and then they pop up on a TV advert, then they’re on a bus and then they’re on your newsfeed? Well this week I just can’t seem to get away from Iskra Lawrence. Cover girl on this month’s Women’s Health and recent TEDtalk contributor she’s everywhere I look this week. And I’ve been completely loving it.

If you haven’t heard of her before, Iskra is a model-come-instagram star who is pioneering the destruction of body dysmorphia and promoting self-love, whatever you look like. Her Instagram is full to the brim with feelgood images but if that’s not enough for you her Youtube channel should sort you out in no time. Here’s to something you can binge watch without feeling guilty right?

She’s a huge advocate of self-love and care and is refreshingly different. Can you tell I’ve got a massive girl crush?

I think we can all admit that we’re a little guilty of neglecting ourselves, from not leaving enough time in the morning to get ready to denying ourselves that square of chocolate we might just actually need. So in honour of her I’ve decided to start self-care Sunday. To begin with I’ve pulled together my three (baby) steps towards self-care that you can do today.

  1. Paint your nails.
  2. Put on some lipstick.
  3. Get moving – go for a little walk.

I’m much more ready to face the dreaded Monday morning now. Trust me, we’ll be unstoppable in no time.


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